Why Don't I Love Myself?

I recently answered an email that spurred me to create an article to help anyone who may be going through similar feelings. She asked me 2 question: Why don't I love myself? and Can you help me find self-love?

Today I want to speak to you about how you're feeling about yourself, your self-image and if you love yourself?

If you answered these questions without enthusiasm, then perhaps you're not doing as well as you could be, so let's try and fix that.  If you wake up in the morning and spring out of bed, jump up singing or saying I love you to yourself, then you're in a good spot.

For those you aren't there yet, it's time to flip that frown upside down, turning it into a smile and saying I love you to the most important person in your life, YOU.

I've gone through periods in my life where I allowed the me inside to judge my appearance, my weight, my hair, makeup, height and my almost everything about my person. It was one day, when a friend told me that I was beautiful and was surprised that I didn't believe them that I had to take a long hard look at myself and do some housekeeping. I decided that it was time to shed some of those self doubts about myself as I stopped waiting until I..... (lost 10 pounds, got better clothes, etc.) to start loving and appreciating who I was right now.No longer was I going to believe that tiny little voice inside me that was telling me that I was not good enough to love myself.  Someone else's idea of perfection is overrated.  

When I decided that it was time to get off my chair and take that positive step, I was afraid, comfortable in those negative thoughts about myself. But I took that first step as I began surrounding myself with things I loved, blended some essential oils that are known to promote self love and I started to a feel better each day as I shed this fail belief. I started to believe that about myself the door opened, inviting more love into my life, starting with my own love of self.  Now when I look in the mirror I say, hello, beautiful.

So please STOP and take a moment to let this sink it.

You're already a perfect beautiful being of love. 

Wishing you all a day of self-love,
LeeZa Donatela 

I've teamed up with Higher Roads Products in the creation of essential oil blends to be used for smudging, raising vibration stress relief, oils for promoting self-love, and energizing the body. I use the practices I've learned over the past decades to infuse energy into the oils and have worked with Higher Roads to provide detailed instructions for use.

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