Finding your Path and Making Hard Decisions

I know that in this journey we call life, there are may roads that we can travel. Some take the road less traveled, while some follow in the footprints of others. Perhaps it is a relative who went to a particular school or vocation. 

In life, we're all presented with situations where we need to make decisions. On a small scale it happens each morning as we decide what to wear or when ordering our designer coffee's. On a larger scale it happens as we made who to marry, where to live or what career path to follow.

We are all presented with situations where we have to make a decision. For a couple of my friends out there, even doing nothing is a decision. These choices we make will take us down one road or another as we move forward toward something. When faced with larger decisions, some people are not sure which direction to take and start second guessing themselves. Others probably weigh the pros and cons before making your decision. Lastly a few, the may be labeled mavericks or even perhaps crazy, just go with the choice that offered the more interesting alternative as they jump right into the deep end of the pool. Me, well I'm the girl that feel bliss while jumping out of an airplane and at times has more drive and motivation than anyone else that I've ever met. 

When it comes to decisions, I try to go with the flow, knowing that I'll be guided to the best choice at that particular time. Some of my most memorable experiences and life lessons happened when the decisions I made had me jumping into the deep end of the pool. In the end, and it always ends up being something more amazing and wondrous than I could have imagined.  

We all have had moments in life where we've looked back in hindsight and thought, "Gee, if I hadn't made that decision, I wouldn't be where I am today?"

They say that hindsight is 20/20. When you know that absolutely every experience is a gift that shapes us into the person that we are, you accept that gift gladly, knowing that these experiences allow us to practice in the areas of our lives where we excel, those where we explore new frontiers or others yet where we still need to do some work to release blocked emotions. 

So, is anyone way of deciding which road to take better than the other? 

Who am I to tell you how you need to proceed with your life? I can, however, tell you this: "All roads do lead to the same destination. It's just that some are longer and much bumpier than others."

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