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Finding your Self-Worth, Increase your Self-Confidence
Self-confidence and self-worth are closely tied together and are probably the 2 most underrated core beliefs that we face as humans. Why underrated? Because when we master them, we become so powerful, the possibilities are endless. 

There are some very smart people who believe that approval from others gives us a higher sense of self-esteem or self-worth. And for the longest time I believed them.  Let me step back a bit and explain that there was a time when I had problems with both these beliefs.   I used to be so concerned about what other people thought to the point that it kept me up at night.  It had me sifting through my closet taking forever to decide or alter what I wore, made me second guess what I said and doubt the actions I wanted to take.

Today, however, I do not have the above issues in these 2 core beliefs. Now, I don't go out of my way to hurt someone's feelings or walk into a church wearing a bikini singing Madonna's 1980s hit Like a Virgin, but at this point in my life I wear what makes me feel good, say what's on my mind and take action on what provides me with pleasure acting like the free goddess that I am without reservation or regret.  You're not there yet?  That's okay. 

How Can People Get There?
Self-confidence is the belief similar to that little engine that could named, Thomas, who kept on saying "I think I can."  The difference is just a little more determination changing "I think I can" to "I know I can." That combination of adding determination to the equation allows you to embrace more of your abilities. Combining that with self-worth, that sense of one's own value as a person irrespective of the approval of others and it carries more punch than your morning quadruple venti latte. 

Once you know who you are on the inside you become truly confident and doubt fades into oblivion. And once you are truly confident, it matters little what anyone else thinks about you, making it easy to follow and act on what excites you. 

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