How to Change Worry and Fear to Joy and Happiness

I receive a lot of questions about how to live a life filled with joy and happiness. They come from people in all walks of life from around the globe who are currently consumed with sadness, despair, anger, hatred, self-doubt, worry and fear.  

Most people strive toward Joy and Happiness as if they're rewards or goals to be obtained. This is the problem. It’s like that proverbial carrot being dangled in front of us with the promise that if we do this or that then it will come to us some day

And there are plenty of companies trying to sell that dream of happiness on that some day formula as if it's external and something you can buy, like a new dress, the perfect body or luxury car.

The problem is that some day never comes. Why? Because some day is always in the futureThat's always been their formula to keep us buying into the dream, so let me tell you mine and see if that doesn’t resonate more with you.

LeeZa Donatella’s Happiness Formula
Find a moment, then another, then another where what you are doing makes you smile.

You accomplish this by taking a few seconds to ask yourself 1 question:
Is there is something that I want to do right now that will tickle my heart?

Then do it and take notice of the joy did you get from it?

A perfect example I have for right now is that I'm happy that I am inspired to write this article that I am sharing with all of you, but here are a few more of mine from this morning:
  • I found such joy in those extra few minutes I decided to stay curled up in bed, before my day got into full swing.
  • I sighed as I watched the sunrise, appreciating all the colors as they came into view.
  • I was grateful for the crispness of the early morning as I noticed a small chill at the tip of my nose
  • I got excited with that first sip of today's caramel macchiato as I took my time to savor the point where my lips met the cup sensing and feeling the warmth and relishing the flavor of the combination of milk, caramel and espresso in my mouth.

 Keep asking yourself that question all day and pretty soon, as you continue to string these moments together you day is full of happy little moments. You'll notice that when these out way all others, the shift begins.

Those of you who follow me, know that I speak about a state I call BEING LOVE. It’s a vibration much higher than sadness, despair, anger, hatred, self-doubt, worry and fear.  When you continue to do little things that get you there, then you like becomes that vibration, because BEING LOVE is filled with joy and happiness.

And with that comes the magic... A world more amazing then you can possibly imagine where synchronicity combines with opportunity!

Happiness starts now boys and girls, when you decide in this moment.

Wishing you a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
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