You cannot Live until you Forgive

Leeza Donatella - Forgive

When we let people in, whether it be with family, friends or physical partners we drop the barriers, giving them a glimpse inside us.  It’s when we let down our guard, that we are at our most vulnerable, giving our trust to another. Most times, what we gain are positive experiences, like the sharing of loving expressions, mutual energy, and an unlimited potential of positive growth. 

But like those few gems that we have met in our lifetimes, so too exist those unsavory characters that when we interact with them, betray our trust and we fall, victim.  
Over the years I have met so many people who have been physically assaulted, sexually violated, mentally abused and others being taken financially.  I can relate to each one of them because during my life, I have also been victim to physical assault, sexual and mental abuse and have been taken financially by people that I had given my trust.
I’ve put my fingers to keyboard to write this article many times, never quite ready to complete and publish it. I felt ashamed. I didn’t want people to discover that I was a victim, almost as if that were a crime.  

I spent more time analyzing the fact that the shame, an emotion at the opposite end of the spectrum of what a victim should feel stayed with me 10 times longer than any other emotion I had about the situation.  I discovered that it was a belief solidified decades ago. After releasing this false belief, I just shake my head that I spent even 1 minute living in shame based on what someone else did to me!

So What’s Next
What should we do when we have been mistreated?  Close down? Shut out the world?  Never trust again?

Over the decades, I think I’ve tried all the above, no one better than another. What I gleaned is like with all things, every experience while we are here helps us gain perspective and allows us to grow, even the ones we view as horrendous.  Although we are oblivious to it while enduring the ordeal, what I have taken away from every one of these unpleasant encounters, especially in adulthood, is that they always came at points in my life when I was ready for that next big growth spurt, each situation driving me onward with more courage, strength and resilience than I ever thought I had.

And what about forgiveness? How does one forgive the unforgivable?
Whether it be fear that he or she will break down the door and attack you, take you against your will, use tactics to disorient and belittle you, or outright steal funds that you worked so very hard to obtain, you cannot live until you forgive, the pain in whatever fear based emotion eating away at your insides until they are raw. Never forget that forgiveness always includes both your abuser as well as yourself.

Today, I share with other victims, admitting that I trusted, that trust was betrayed, I rose above shame, forgave and am open to trust again. I am strong and stand tall. I am a voice to others out there who have been mistreated, my head held high.  

Wishing you a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
Website: Leeza Donatella


Lighten Up! Your body and spirit will thank you

Have you ever lost sleep over some thought or situation? 

“Hey, man that's heavy” may show my age, but it it's what I commonly heard when I would provide a deep analytical explanation for something I examined that weighed on my mind. At times I would lose sleep over worrying about this or that or come to conclusions when the outcome of a situation was not yet determined. What I discovered is that allow things to weigh on us can actually have a physical effect on our health. 

I'm sure you've all blown up balloons for a birthday party.  Replace the air (Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen (O2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Water (H2O)) with helium and it starts to ascend. It's just science since the element helium plus the weight of the balloon is lighter than the air it displaces, allowing the balloon to float.

Imagine now that your body is a balloon that can only be inflated so much. Today, when I catch myself dissecting and over investigating an experience or I feel the heaviness of life in general, I have to tell myself, "Get out of your head and lighten up!  Life is only an agreed upon experience."

With these words the heaviness falls away, making room for my lighter substance, that divine energy to fill cavities that were previously filled with the heaviness of what I was scrutinizing and carrying around. 

If some of you are having an aha moment from reading this simple analogy with an overarching much bigger meaning, then know that I am smiling. 

Next time you're feeling heavy, think of your balloon. If you want to ascend, then lighten up man!

Wishing you a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
Website: Leeza Donatella

The Celestine Prophecy - A Fresh Look

I stumbled across the movie The Celestine Prophecy last night as I opened Prime on my laptop. It was hard to miss, actually, right in front of my nose on the Amazon banner. I rarely ignore those opportunities to listen to my intuition these days, so I watched it. It was a reminder to me of how far I have come in my search for answers on living a life in the state of Being Love, since I read this book in the 90's before an extended trip to Peru. At the end of the film, there was a concise summary of the initial 9 Insights, that I am sharing with you.

1. Synchronicity: We are discovering again that we live in a deeply mysterious world, full of sudden coincidences and synchronistic encounters that seem destined.
2. Spiritual Design: As more of us awaken to this mystery, we will create a completely new world view – redefining the universe as energetic and sacred.
3. Subtle Energy:  We will discover that everything around us, all matter, consists of and stems from a divine energy that we are beginning to see and understand.
4.  Competition for Energy: From this perspective, we can see that humans have always felt insecure and disconnected from the sacred source, and have tried to take energy by dominating each other. This struggle is responsible for all human conflict.
5. Spiritual Connection: The only solution is to cultivate a personal reconnection with the divine, a mystical transformation that fills us with unlimited energy and love, extends our perception of beauty, and lifts us into Higher-Self Awareness.
6.  Getting Clear: In this awareness, we release our own pattern of controlling, and discover a specific truth, a mission, we are here to share that helps evolve humanity toward this new level of reality.
7.  Follow your Intuition: In pursuit of this mission, we can discover an inner intuition that shows us where to go and what to do, and if we make only positive interpretations, brings a flow of coincidences that opens doors for our mission to unfold.
8.  Giving Energy Increases Our Synchronistic Experiences: When enough of us enter this evolutionary flow, always giving energy to the higher-self or everyone we meet, we will build a new culture where our bodies evolve to ever higher levels of energy and perception.
9. Conscious Evolution: In this way, we participate in the long journey of evolution from the Big Bang to life’s ultimate goal: to energize our bodies, generation by generation, until we walk into a heaven we can finally see.
There are actually 12 Insights over three books that James Redfield has published over the past 20 years. I enjoy his style of writing and feel that people are guided to this book as part of that divine energy that it references. 
Blessings and love,
LeeZa Donatella
Website: Leeza Donatella