Bringing Inspiration to Earth

It was such a pleasure speaking to Robert Sharpe, host of Bringing Inspiration to Earth on BITE Radio, about what inspires us to move forward. Over the years I've been faced with challenges, just like all of you. It has been through these challenges that I have discovered my own strength and fortitude and came up with ways to get to and stay in a loving state most of the day.

I'm sure this is not a new story, but when I share my experiences with audiences or through one of my books and show them how I've risen above them, the feedback is always a thank you for showing them that they are not alone. 

Know that you are not alone here on this big blue ball. CLICK HERE to listen to the Interview.

You can also take a look inside the newest book, THE STATE OF BEING LOVE: Steps to Raise your vibration for a Joy Filled Life.

Wishing you all a day filled with the deliciousness of life,

LeeZa Donatella


Prayers for Emil: Please Share


Have you ever met a stranger who touched your life? 
That is how it was for me when I met Emil in 2014 in Abadi├ónia Brazil. There was just something about his energy, his softness and love that struck a chord in me.  We spoke for hours as he shared his interests and pictures of his child. So big a heart in a human I had yet to find until that day.  

Emil is suffering from 2 aggressive brain tumors. He has undergone surgery, rounds of chemo and radiation, but from what his family and friends are telling me, it’s not looking good.  I ask you to please share this post with all your family and friends as you pray and send healing to Emil.