2013 New Year Intentions

Good morning.

It has been our habit that we write resolutions for each new year, like I will quit smoking and I will exercise more. 

As we approach 2013 I want you to start thinking about your intentions for 2013 and not resolutions.   It is the bigger picture that we need to think about.  This coming year your intentions are more important than ever when it comes to your spiritual growth.

So, as in the example above, if your resolutions are to quit smoking and exercise more I am assuming that your intention is to be healthier.    For 2013 if we focus our intentions are connecting more closely with the essence that is within us, called by many names, like the Christ Consciousness, God energy, Enlightenment we will connect with our true selves which is pure Love.

So focus your intent on becoming more aware of the Loving being that is within you. If you do then everything that you desire, like a healthier lifestyle, loving relationships, and prosperity will naturally follow. 

Have a great day filled with Love.

LeeZa Donatella


Sedona and Michael Mirdad

Good morning.

I wanted to write a quick note to you all about an incredible light being that I have had the privilege to hear while since moving to Sedona. His name is Michael Mirdad and he is a spiritual teacher and the minister of Unity of Sedona.

Most of you know I am not religious, but spiritual. For me to go to an organized event that even sounds like a church service, well it better not be a structured religion. And Unity is not a normal place, and Michael is not a normal minister. It is all about the LOVE.

Michael and I share very similar styles of teaching on spiritualism and LOVE, although we may have slightly different ways of explaining it, which is OK since it really does not matter since the message is ultimately the same. And I agree with Michale that it is better sometimes, not to name something, since naming it only limits it. Anyway, back to Michael. He is charismatic and funny as well as light while discussing deep topics. His style will sweeten any brand of spiritual drink you are currently consuming. It has added to the sweet nectar of my own spiritual drink as I am focused on the upcoming book.

If you get a chance to come to Sedona I suggest you attend one of the Sunday services at Unity of Sedona when Michael is in town leading it. 

Blessings to you and have a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella


The shift to the NOW Age 12/22/2012, 2013 and beyond

Good morning. Well 12/21/2013 has come and gone and the message is clear for some of us that the world has ended as we know it and the shift to spiritual conscious beings is in full swing. I was fortunate to attend the Sedona 2012 Festival: Shifting into the "NOW" Age,” where 500 of us joined together with ONE focused intent: “Raising the consciousness of ourselves and our planet to the highest possible level of personal and spiritual awareness.”

I have to tell you that it was a great group of people who flew in from locations all over the world and locals in Sedona. We meditated, got messages and channeled in the LOVE energy as we listened to great speakers like Patricia Cota-Robles, Michael Mirdad, Fran Grace and Elsa and Carey Stokes.

The LOVE energy in the room was incredible and filled with healing and centering.

I will have more posts on what is happening in 2013 and exercises to help the people of the planet shift. I just ask you all to spend a dollar to get a tablet and take a few moments each day to jot down your thoughts on what you are feeling. Re-evaluate your priorities so they align with Love in your daily thoughts and activities.

And of course miraculous things happen that when you have such a great amount of what I can only describe as “delicious” energy in one place. For me, of course it amplified my own ability for manifesting the little creature comforts of life. For example, I got there late on Saturday and the place was packed. I slipped into the hall during an exercise by Aeoliah where participants where learning how to do interpretive dance. As I walked up the isle I scanned the rows for an empty seat only to spy that all the seats had personal belongings on or under them indicating that they were taken. I finally stopped when I had made way up to the second row and just flopped onto the end chair, even though there was a bag with someone’s personal belongings underneath it. I just wanted a few moments of silence to perform a quick meditative cleanse. About 10 minutes later the gal who was sitting there came back to get her bag. "I am not trying to steal your seat," I explained, “I just wanted to do a little cleansing.” She smiled and said, "That's OK, I am a volunteer and have to get back to my post. The seat is yours. Sorry to have disturbed you.” She was apologizing to me?  Wow! With that she left and I was treated to one of the best seats in the house for the rest of the day! Let the shift begin I thought to myself!

If you know me you know that when something good comes to me I am grateful and reciprocate So, I worked on a gal in the audience who was having an issue with her leg.

Side Note: No day would be complete if I could not get a laugh from something. And there seems to always be plenty of opportunities to laugh when Michael Mirdad is in the house. Can you say mirror comic twin? Audiences are filled with laughter with his light and humorous style of presenting. But this was a private chuckle as I went up to him right before he went on stage to see if he needed something. I was thinking he may want some water perhaps since I saw none on stage and I know he would be up there for over an hour.  “A foot massage and manicure would be nice,” he responded. Boy, what a wisenheimer!    

Have a blessed and loving rest of your day!

LeeZa Donatella


Thanks for the Slide Officer

Good morning.

I wanted to give to you a practical example of what happens to you when you try to keep your vibration in the higher fields like love, peace and joy.   Last night I was on my way to an "End of the world party" at some artists friends home in the Village of Oak Creek.

I was detained due to prior commitments and was running very late.  I also did not have good directions and the GPS was not helping me much and sent me uptown, then downtown. Needless to say, although I took it in stride, I was a bit hurried to get there and was speeding. I was on a back road and saw him. the police officer right in front of me. Before he had a chance to pull me off I pulled up to him and we were facing each other. He proceeded to move his vehicle behind me and put his lights on. I knew I was getting a ticket, but got out of the car and told him that I was lost.

He first response was, "Do you have any idea how fast you were going on this road?"

I replied that I honestly had no idea of my speed. "You know I was going to write you a ticket, he exclaimed, as he proceeded to ask for the street I was looking for so he could look it up on his GPS. Then something miraculous. He asked if I would like him to escort me to the street, since it was dark and it was not easy to find.  

So instead of a ticket I got a personal escort.   When I was on the correct street he pulled over and I opened my window and said thank you. He mentioned that he was still bewildered by the fact that he had not given me a ticket.   

So Michael, if you end of reading this at some point, thank you for your generosity on 12/21/2012 with not writing me up and the personal escort.

Love and Light,


December 21, 2012 (12/21/12) - We are Still Here!

Good morning:

For those of you who have been following 12/21/2012, are were waiting for the end if the world, well  I was still here and so are you! The big time to look for was 11:11UT 12/21/2012 which was at 4:11 AM here in Sedona which came and past while I slept.
So what does this say? If you are thinking that there were lots of doomsday theorists, you are correct and win the prize. They were just theories by people who are still stuck in the notion that if there is change it has to be catastrophic.

However, there is a change happening, but it has nothing to do with doomsday. It does however have to do with spiritual awakening. You will see the shift is more apparent in the coming months that follow. You will see changes in the way that people react to each other, emphasis on work, on play and on family as we move more toward a society of Love.

If you do not get on the bandwagon don't worry, you will not be left behind. The universe will grab you by the hand and pull you forward dragging and kicking. When I say this I mean it symbolically. A practical example is paddling a canoe in a moving river. When you paddle with the flow of the water you glide downstream. When you go against the current, you have to expend a lot more effort to go a small way, become fatigued. I think it is easier to just go with the flow, don't you? 

Have a blessed rest of you day filled with Love and new beginnings!



December 20, 2012, preparing for December 21, 2012 in Sedona, AZ

It is December 20, 2012. As the doomsday preppers are preparing for December 21, 2012, I sit here in Sedona, AZ in silent meditation, smiling. Yes, I know that something will happen tomorrow. I am however unlike Peter Gersten, retired lawyer who is preparing for his "Leap of Faith" as he readies to climb up Bell Rock in Sedona to jump into the "portal" that will open at exactly 11:11 UT on December 21, 2012. From what I hear that will occur around 4:11 am tomorrow. For Peter's sake I do hope there is a portal so he does not plunge to his death.

 I think that tomorrow will bring an incredible sunny day filled with new possibilities. No natural catastrophes but the cumulating of a year of transformation that ushers us into a new age. An age where there is more balance, where people are waking up. I speak about waking up for in 2013 you will see the shift of people to a more balanced and happy society. One that is filled with more love and less materialism. The light bulb is about to shine for more people as the masses become more aware.
I welcome the change and am thrilled to be part of it in this sacred space.

Blessings to you all,